A Peek of “I am AspienGirl: The unique characteristics of young females on the Autism Spectrum”

AspienGirl Mentor: Professional Artist Iris Grace

AspienGirl : \as-pee-an-g-erl\

  1. a female with Asperger Syndrome
  2. a female with a different brain wiring
  3. a female with aspienpowers (strengths and talents)

The word of term Aspiengirl means many things. It represents talent, determination, superpowers, and is strength-based. It represents superhero females of all ages, who are on the Spectrum.

Iris Grace is a 4 year old Aspiengirl who is gifted with the ability to paint. Iris Grace has Autism and cannot speak yet.

Sneak-A-Peek of my first book, I am AspienGirl: The unique characteristics of young females on the Autism Spectrum. Iris Grace is showcased and included, along with some other very talented females.


The Aspiengirl and Aspienwoman Project is devoted to showcasing females of all ages and from all walks of life, who live with a Spectrum condition.  In these interviews, I talk to mentor heroine Aspiengirls/Aspienwomen from a variety of countries about their lives, their gifts and talents and more. Interview to follow.




                                       Iris Grace painting in her garden studio

Story of the Secret Seahorse small version

The Story of the Secret Seahorse

Aquillo small version


Koi small version


To view a video of Iris Grace at work in her garden studio, please visit:

Iris – A Portrait of an Artist, A film by Rupert Ward-lewis
Voice by Olivia Colman


To view and/or purchase Iris Grace’s paintings, please visit


Iris Grace Paintings homepage

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