I Am Aspiengirl® Book Release June 25, 2014



Here at Aspiengirl®, we are proud to announce that the first book in the Aspiengirl® series is now at pre-press! The I Am Aspiengirl® book release is slotted for 25th of June, 2014 (bar no hiccups). Here’s a sneak peek look at the cover, back cover, Introduction, a testimonial, the Foreward by the brilliant Dr. Judith Gould and a sneak look at some totally awesome Aspiengirl® mentors. This book is also slotted to be translated into a number of other languages including: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Hungarian and Dutch, in 2014! Stop by www.aspiengirl.com and sign up for our newsletter, become an affiliate (and earn money) and/or read our blog and the Aspiengirl/Aspienwoman Mentor Interviews.















5 thoughts on “I Am Aspiengirl® Book Release June 25, 2014

  1. I think you said Amazon were going to sell it, which sounds easier for those of us in the northern hemisphere. When will they have int, do you think? Can’t wait to read it Hope the book does really well Best wishes Rosemary

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  2. I have pre-paid for the three books and are quite excited about receiving them. Do you send them individually when each comes out? If not, when do we expect to receive them? Thankyou.

  3. I look forward to reading AspienGirls. There aren’t enough role-models for girls on the spectrum. I think one girl I know could be an undiagnosed girl with Asperger syndrome. She is a very shy and sensitive girl and this should give me an idea if she also has my condition.

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