Sneak-A-Peek of I am AspienWoman: The unique characteristics of adult females on the Autism Spectrum

Have you ever wondered about a quirky family member? Maybe she is your partner, your mother, your grand-mother, aunt, sister, niece or even your teacher? You may have wondered why she seems “different”, ”odd'” or even “cool”?  Have you ever wondered why life seems, at times, so challenging for her?  She is very bright, has a superior memory and great sense of humour.  She finds other people, stress, emotions and organization a challenge and she often suffers from a “social hangover”. Her peers or friends gracefully met their milestones, yet she remains perplexingly both ahead and behind her peers.  

You may have wondered where she disappears to at family get togethers, only to be found playing with the children or animals. She may be the “black sheep” of the family, have unusual habits and be highly intuitive. She is an Aspien, a woman with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. She may be a high achiever, goal-oriented, perfectionistic, and quirky. And yes, she may be your local teacher, nurse, artist, musician, actress, model, or even your doctor.

An Aspienwoman may have unfinished courses or degrees or may have achieved her education later than her peers. She is very bright, however you can’t figure out why she is so disorganized or has difficulty managing her emotions or stress. She is a high achiever with a collection of asperpowers that help her reach any goal she has her mind set on.

An Aspienwoman has a unique constellation of aspienpowers, super-abilities, strengths and challenges. She often feels as though she is from another Planet. If you are looking for a book on the often perplexing and unique adult female Autism Spectrum traits and characteristics, then this is the book for you. Watch for ‘I am AspienWoman™, coming soon.

Q: What does “Aspien” mean?

A: The terms ”Aspien”, Äspiengirl”, “Aspienwoman”, “Planet Aspien”, and it’s derivatives were recently created and trademarked. This terminology came about from years of working with females, of all ages, on the Spectrum, who most often talked about feeling different, feeling like they don’t belong and/or are from another planet, universe, time zone or era. A book series is a natural progression from my clinical work.  This book series is an answer to the current gender bias and educates the reader about females on the Spectrum who are also known as “research orphans” (Klin).

Q: What are Aspienpowers?

A: Aspienpowers are a unique set of strengths often seen collectively in females with high functioning autism or asperger syndrome

This book will be available on Amazon, in E-book and on (under construction). Each book includes a list of characteristics, traits, strengths and challenges, a table, and more!

The first book in my series is entitled “I am AspienGirl: The unique characteristics of young females, with Asperger Syndrome”, coming soon!

Tania Marshall 2013.  All rights reserved. Duplication, in whole or in part, is explicitly forbidden. AspienGirl™ and Planet Aspien™ are registered and trademarked names. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Sneak-A-Peek of I am AspienWoman: The unique characteristics of adult females on the Autism Spectrum

  1. Hi, Tania
    Is the book going be available on physical paper, as I really want to read it, but have no access to ebook technologies and find it discomforting to read on screen.

    It sounds like an amazing book.
    Thanks for all the work you do.

  2. Reblogged this on sonnolenta… and commented:
    I’m really looking forward to the release of this new book by Tania A. Marshall. I’ve pre-ordered it!

    I’m very eager to connect with other women on the spectrum and be part of the change that no longer leaves women behind. I’m Autistic. I’m on the spectrum. I have Aspergers. I’m not just shy, introverted, sensitive or quirky. A lifetime of issues with communication, social difficulties and family problems shows that being an undiagnosed woman on the spectrum is far more serious than just being shy, sensitive, quirky or geeky.

    I write because I want to help others. I want to connect with others. I want people to read my experiences and relate to them and realize that there is hope. I am grateful that there are people out there who want the same thing. Autism is not a disease. It is something that most people don’t understand. And history has shown us that people are afraid of things that they don’t understand.

    Thank you Tania A Marshall, for your work with women on the spectrum!

  3. I am borderline Aspergers. I finally got assessed two years ago. A close male friend has Aspergers and I found my reactions to certain situations mirrored his plus an aunt who is a carer for people on the high end of the spectrum has often commented on my traits. The Psychologist recommended a book called Aspergirls and when I read it I thought that’s my whole life in there. I will be watching for this one with interest.

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