Sneak-A-Peek of my first book, I am AspienGirl™: The unique characteristics of young females on the Autism Spectrum

I am AspienGirl™:  The unique characteristics of  young females on the Autism Spectrum

Have you ever wondered why she said she felt different to her peers? Have you ever wondered why life seemed so hard for her? Her peers just seemed to gracefully and naturally meet their milestones, yet she seems perplexingly both ahead and behind her peers?  She had reached some developmental milestones early and some late.  She may have spoken and read early. Maybe at age four she was teaching herself to read as you drove down the road by reading street signs. She may have been an overly active child, had sensory issues, or had a speech delay. You knew she was bright from early on, with a sprinkle of some anxiety, eating issues (possibly an eating disorder), yet the professionals just couldn’t come to an explanation that completely fit her. She may have grouped her toys in colors, kept them in perfect order, set up her toys in a complex manner, and getting upset if people move them or take them.  She may be very artistic, whether she sings, draws, paints, writes pages of words, at times seemingly too mature for her age.  Yet, she struggles socially and emotionally. You notice her mimicking or copying her peers or siblings, often acting like whoever she has been with that day. She may have friends, however she dictates the play and the rules.


She may be ten years old now, yet none of your research completely fits or maybe you have just now come across some information on female girls that completely makes sense to you.  Maybe she is ”Aspien”, a young female with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. She has a unique constellation of super-abilities, strengths and challenges. She feels as though she is from another Planet, Planet Aspien. If you are looking for a book on the often perplexing and unique female Autism Spectrum traits, then this is the book for you. Watch for ‘I am AspienGirl™, coming soon.

Q: What does “Aspien” mean?

A: The terms ”Aspien”, Äspiengirl”, “Aspienwoman”, “Planet Aspien”, and it’s derivatives were recently created and trademarked by me. This terminology comes from years of working with females on the Spectrum, who most often talked about feeling different, feeling like they don’t belong and/or are from another planet, universe or time zone. A books series is a natural progression to my clinical work. After working with hundreds of females (and males) of all ages, it’s time to start writing. This book series is an answer to the current gender bias and educates the reader about females on the Spectrum who are also known as “research orphans” (Klin).

This book will be available on Amazon, in E-book and on (under construction).  Each book contains a list of characteristics, traits, strengths and challenges, including a table, and more!

The second book in my series is a natural progression of the first and is entitled “I am AspienWoman: The unique characteristics of female adults with Asperger Syndrome”, coming soon!

Tania Marshall 2013.  All rights reserved. Duplication in whole or part is explicitly forbidden. Thank you. AspienGirl™ and Planet Aspien™ are registered and trademarked names.


15 thoughts on “Sneak-A-Peek of my first book, I am AspienGirl™: The unique characteristics of young females on the Autism Spectrum

  1. I have a son with Aspberger’s Syndrome. I would be very interested to understand how young women live with the condition too. I recognise many of these symptoms in myself and wonder too if I am also blessed? Am so looking forward to reading this book. Regards, Tania M C Lewis

    • Tania Lewis – I love how you are wondering if you are also blessed. I discovered I was blessed just after learning that my 23 year-old son is. It’s been four years now and I still crave more knowledge. I finally know who I am. And my expression of autism includes wanting people to spell Asperger’s correctly so I can’t help pointing out to you tthat there is not B in Asperger’s!

  2. I am looking forward to your book and the insights it will help provide me for my Aspien girl! Will it be available as an e-book?

  3. I really would love to read this book! My daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers when she was 4. She is now 13 and is struggling to cope, deal and yes… survive. She’s very, very depressed and for her to learn more about aspergers and know there are others with it would be so helpful. It’s been a very difficult road and any help would be welcome.

  4. Cant wait to read this – both my daughters are on the autistic spectrum and it looks like it will be an inspiring read 🙂

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