Female Aspergers in Translation

Female Aspergers in Translation

A number of people from various countries have contacted me and requested to translate my writings into their languages. This “working” blog post will supply links for those who read or prefer a language other than English. There are several links that I need to track down and add here in this section. If you are wanting to translate my writings, please contact me on: tania@centreforautism.com.au

Thank-you to the following translators who offered their own free time and energy to make my writings available.

1.  Spanish – Thank-you Manuel Cedeno




2.  Chinese  – Thank-you to Feng Zheng for translating


3.  German – Thank-you to Eva Nerling


4.  Italian and thank-you to Alessandra Merizzi!

  1. https://www.facebook.com/alessandra.merizzi
  2. http://gestaltprocess.tumblr.com/
  3. You can also listen to the podcast on mixcloud, I speak about females with Aspergers in the second half part of the programme at http://www.mixcloud.com/futrella/monkey-dust-therapy-10th-ep-03-dec-2013/

5.  Swedish coming soon and thank-you Cecilia Lager 

6.  Hungarian, coming soon and thank-you to  Virag Szabo

7.  Brazilian Portuguese and thank-you to Mariana Chagas

8. Africaan – Coming Soon!

9. Dutch – Coming Soon!
10. Arabic, by Dahlia Abbas, coming Soon!

More to Come!


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