The Aspienwoman Interview Series Project: Violinist Lydia Tay

The Aspiengirl and Aspienwoman Project is devoted to showcasing females of all ages and from all walks of life, who live with a Spectrum condition.  In these interviews, I talk to mentor heroine Aspienwomen from a variety of countries about their lives, their gifts and talents and more. Violinist Asperchic Lydia Tay joins me from Singapore to discuss her life, talents and Asperger Syndrome.


Tania: Hello Lydia, thank-you for agreeing to an interview and for joining alongside other cool Asperchics in the AspienWoman Mentor Project, a project designed to gather an inspirational group of females from around the world who on the Spectrum and are successful role models, mentors and heroines. I found out about you in my research on female Asperger Syndrome.

Tania:  Where abouts in the world do you live?

Lydia:  I live in Singapore

Tania:  How old are you?

Lydia:  I’m now 19 years old

Tania:  You are a musician.  When did you start playing the violin?

Lydia:  I started playing the violin late last February.

Tania:  Do you play any other instruments?  

Lydia:  I play the piano and I will be starting conducting lessons on the 3rd of November.

Tania:  When and how did you find out you have Asperger Syndrome?

Lydia:  I found out I have Aspergers Syndrome when I was 15.

Tania:  How is Autism viewed in Singapore?

Lydia:  Not a lot of people know what Autism is in Singapore. For those who know, many assume that we are loners who can’t do anything without help and support. There isn’t much awareness.

Tania: How do you think some of the traits of Asperger Syndrome help you in your career to date?

Lydia:  I would say that having really deep obsessions have helped me a lot because without obsessions, I wouldn’t have had such musicality and knowledge of classical music within a year and a half. Also, the ability to see patterns helps me to learn and memorize music.

Tania:  Yes, obsessions can be  wonderful in terms of becoming an expert in a talent or a hobby. Healthy obsessions are what I term Asperpowers and give people an edge over others. What are your musical  aspirations and goals?

Lydia:  I want to start an Autism Orchestra. This orchestra will have musicians on the Autism spectrum. I also have dreams to become a composer.

Tania:  Lydia, what fantastic goals you have of an orchestra and a composer. I have no doubt that you will achieve both of those goalsHow can people listen to your music and follow you?

Lydia:  I have videos up on YouTube, but only people with the links can view them. I have put some videos on a blog post in my blog though, so people who visit my blog can view them or they can ask for the links via my twitter account. They can follow me via twitter (@Lydia_Violinist) and they can view my blog (

Tania:  What advice would you give to other young females on the Spectrum?

Lydia:  Do not be afraid to spread Autism awareness, given the opportunity to. If the person or people you’re trying to educate insists on being ignorant about Autism, let them be because they are missing out on the colour we bring into the world.

 Tania:  Lydia, how true and what beautiful words. Yes, Aspiens do bring colour to the world, which is what this Project is about showing the world what Aspiens can achieve. I want to thank you for your time and for being a mentor Asperchic role model and part of the AspienWoman Mentor Project. You are inspirational with amazing goals and thank-you for having this conversation with me. Please keep us up-to-date on your achievements.

Lydia:  Thank-you Tania for inviting me to be a part of this amazing Project and I will keep you up-to-date.

Tania Marshall. 2013.  All rights reserved. Duplication in whole or part is explicitly forbidden. Thank you.


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