Professor Temple Grandin June 2013

Professor Temple Grandin June 2013

Nova Pathways to Employment Conference and Up Close and Personal Luncheon

Professor Temple Grandin is unquestionably the most famous person in the world with Autism who writes and speaks about Autism. I have admired her for many years and was absolutely honoured to meet and have a one-on-one chat with her about DSM5, her movie, piracy and Netflix, a strengths-based approach, employment, and more! She is also a very funny lady who tells professionals not to google themselves (after reading a variety of negative and/or misrepresentating comments about herself or what she has written or said), cracks jokes about her own brain scans and is highly entertaining and intelligent.

This past weekend Professor Grandin discussed life skills, strengths and employment as one of her biggest concerns for individuals with Autism. She asked me what I thought of the DSM5 changes and agreed that the term “Aspergers” should have been left inside the diagnostic criteria. She shared with me her thoughts on the unavailability of her movie “Temple Grandin” in certain countries, her thoughts on piracy and torrenting, Netflix, strengths-based work and assessment, employment and life skills. She told me she believes that those boys that are spending incredible amounts of time on video games, should start to learn how to make them.

1 thought on “Professor Temple Grandin June 2013

  1. This woman is amazing. I only learnt about her last year and only found out today that she has been in Australia. Wish I had known – I would have crossed cut glass to hear her speak.

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